This week has had too much content for me to reflect on in any meaningful way, so I’m going to mix things up and summarise it instead.

Busy diary image

Bad time management. Bad bad time management.

The week started off not too badly, but with Tuesday and Wednesday becoming long back to back days, I screwed the rest of…

New starter (in person), checking in and deescalating, portfolio portfolio portfolio, post holiday deep breaths, and some reading.

Post holiday vibes

I had a week in the Peak District with my in laws, which was awesome, and we totally lucked out with the weather. Chatsworth House and a visit to the local reservoirs…

Office working, theatre going, feedback pondering, delivery talking, dog escaping — it’s all been going on.

Working from the office

On Monday this week I worked from the office, partly out of practicality (my in laws were here and we don’t have enough space for two of us to work and have space for…

Matt White

Head of delivery @citizensadvice. Passionate about authentic leadership, people, collaboration and self organising teams.

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